is part of Academic Cap & Gown, a family owned company, in business since 1946. This site features our beautiful, high quality class rings. Since your dealing directly with the designers and manufacturers of your class ring, you’ll find the quality to be unequaled. In addition to class rings, Academic produces caps & gowns, faculty robes and choir robes for school and church choirs. To view our main site and get a sampling of our complete product line, click on the link below.

The stylized logo you’ll see on many of our pages is our trademark used only inside our class rings.

Like all fine jewelry made since the 16th century, our maker’s mark is impressed as the last item after the last inspection on each ring. This mark tells you, the buyer, that we are proud of this ring and will stand behind its quality. The mark assures you that we absolutely guarantee the karat value of the gold used as well as the quality of workmanship.

You can contact us between 8:00AM to 3:30PM Pacific time at the following number, toll free anywhere in the USA.

(800) 626-5000

If you are local to the Los Angeles area our phone number is:

(818) 886-8697

We’d like you to know that all of our class rings,
From original design through the last inspection,
Are made in the USA.

Our office is located at:
20644 Superior Street
Chatsworth, CA 91311
Call for an appointment to visit our company.
We have ring samples and people to help answer your questions.
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